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SUMO4Schools Primary
Releasing Potential ... Skills for Life !

Stop Understand Move On, SUMO Teachers Pupils Parents

Like you, we are passionate about education. We believe that all of us - teachers, parents and pupils - have a collective responsibility to work together to raise educational standards. And in these times of unprecedented change it's more important then ever that we equip our children with the right skills to face the challenges of the future.

But raising standards in education means more than a production line of lessons and tests. Teachers and parents that really care about education know that our children need much more than facts, figures, and formulas.

Children need to be engaged and empowered to release their true potential.

This is where SUMO4Schools can help. SUMO, which means 'I choose' in Latin, is all about empowering children and teachers in an innovative and accessible way.

SUMO4Schools has been put together and is delivered by teachers, education experts and professionals to help children develop skills for life. Skills like dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale and improving motivation.

SUMO4Schools delivers real transformative results in the engagement and reaction of our children – and makes a genuine positive difference to the outcome of their education.

And while SUMO4Schools is practical and powerful, it is also serious fun. The training and materials are designed to be accessible and entertaining. At its heart SUMO strives to create a classroom experience that is memorable and meaningful for teachers and children alike.

Julie SpenceIf you give young people skills in managing their emotions you give them skills for life - SUMO4Schools is an interactive, common sense but above all fun way to help children deal with tough stuff they will face now and in the future. As a police officer I value and want a civil society consequently I endorse SUMO because it has a real role in preventing bullying and stopping anti social behaviour - it helps children see and understand things from other's perspectives which is the cornerstone to stopping them happening in the first place. Immersing children in the SUMO principles has real potential to help them develop into positive young people able to deal with setbacks, difference and the uncertainty life will and does throw at them. I feel it does it in a way that will enable them to contribute positively to a civil society. SUMO principles are the only things I have ever seen that truly cross the adult/child divide that's why I used the adult version with my 2500 staff but also recommend them to schools as the potential for positive outcomes is enormous and untapped.
Julie Spence, Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Police

Please look through the information on this site and see SUMO4Schools in action, the SUMO success so far, familiarise yourself with the SUMO Principles, see examples of specific Curriculum areas and see which Products could work best for you. Our new Assembly Pack provides 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school.

If you would like to find out how a SUMO4Schools programme can benefit your school, we currently hold SUMO Taster sessions. A great introduction to the SUMO principles and how they can make a genuine positive difference to the children, parents and staff in your school.

We have had the privilege of being able to help and empower many, many pupils and teachers and we would love to help you make the most of SUMO for your school - so please do get in touch with us.

NEW SUMO4Primary Schools Assembly Pack | 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school

SUMO success! What people say…

Whole School Inset Training
Many of our pupils  face daily challenges at home and need every strategy and support mechanism at school to enable them to succeed to their full potential academically and socially. SUMO has given the staff and children a common language and structure approach to talk through areas of concern and possible conflicts in a constructive way. SUMO training has also freed up the staff to engage with each other in a totally honest and thus more professional way about the hurdles and issues they face from outside and within, enabling us to move forward as a school in a quicker and more effective way.

Alan Parkhurst,
Headteacher, Crowmoor Primary School

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