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SUMO4Schools lessons are designed to be meaningful and memorable, practical and powerful. However planning and preparing the lessons themselves couldn't be easier. The SUMO4Schools programme consists of a Schools Pack and Training. The Schools Pack contains all the resources you need to start using SUMO in your classroom. In addition to this, we can also provide an Assembly Pack, 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school. The SUMO Training will develop your own awareness and understanding of SUMO and the principles that underpin it, as well as help you to deliver effective and engaging lessons.

If you would like to find out how a SUMO4Schools programme can benefit your school, we currently hold SUMO Taster sessions. A great introduction to the SUMO principles and how they can make a genuine positive difference to the children, parents and staff in your school.

Schools Pack for Teachers

The SUMO4Schools pack contains everything you need to get you started with an overview of SUMO and explains where it fits into the wider school curriculum. The pack includes material for interactive lessons built around the SUMO principles that children will quickly engage with and respond to. There's also a wealth of supporting material. With the SUMO4Schools pack you can quickly and seamlessly start to build SUMO into your lessons - and you'll be amazed what a difference it will make.

Visit the Schools Pack page for more information

Assembly Pack

The SUMO4Schools Assembly Pack CD provides 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school.

Visit the Assembly pack page for more information

SUMO Taster Sessions

As a way of introduction to the SUMO4Schools programme, we regularly hold SUMO Taster sessions. The sessions enable head teachers, deputy head teachers, Key Stage Managers and curriculum co-ordinators for SEAL and PSCHE to gain an insight into the SUMO4Schools principles, curriculum implementation, whole school strategy and CPD opportunities.

The aim of a SUMO Taster session is to provide an opportunity for those attending to engage with the SUMO principles and see how the programme can benefit and make a genuine positive difference to the children, parents and staff in school.

During the session, we will...

  • Cover the basic outline of the SUMO principles
  • Clarify how the SUMO programme will develop the wellbeing of senior leaders, staff and pupils
  • Look at examples of how SUMO has been implemented through the curriculum in schools that are already using the programme
  • Identify the key benefits for your school
  • Consider how to introduce the programme in school
  • Enjoy developing our own wellbeing

What others say about our SUMO Taster sessions:

We are all aware of some the challenges that face many of the children in our schools and despite our best efforts, we as educators still know that we fall short when it comes to preparing them for the unknown. After attending one of the taster days on the SUMO programme I could see that the self development techniques covered in the programme would have huge potential benefits for the staff, children and parents at my school.
The staff are using it in their everyday teaching to help children to deal with everyday issues, events and learning habits. I can already see how the children have started to embrace the concepts of SUMO.
The school financial commitment is very reasonable but the benefits in terms of emotional, social and physical development and skills are priceless. I would urge you to see what it can do for the well being of your school and its community.

Lorna Reynolds,
Head teacher Latymer All Saints Primary School, London

If you are interested in attending a SUMO Taster session, please contact us or call 01925 268708 to find out the location of our next event.

SUMO Training for Teachers

To create an even more effective learning environment we offer staff training to further develop your own understanding of SUMO. We offer a SUMO overview that puts SUMO into context and identifies how the programme can impact school outcomes for Self Evaluation, Every Child Matters, Healthy Schools and Implementing Rose Review recommendations. This overview can be combined with training in one or more of the six principles to help you get most out of your SUMO lessons.

Teachers who have attended SUMO training say it is an excellent way of really engaging with SUMO and helps them to create an even more effective learning environment for their pupils.

The following training is available:

  • Twilight staff meetings
  • Half day inset training
  • Full day inset training
  • Review sessions
  • Good practice lessons that models delivery of materials in the classroom for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

An overview will:

  • Contextualise the programme
  • Identify how the programme can impact school outcomes for Self Evaluation, Every Child Matters and Healthy Schools
  • Introduce programme material

SUMO Enrichment Days for Pupils

Developing a range of cross-curricular projects including:

  • Art
  • ICT
  • RE
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Film Making
  • Yoga & Literacy
Carpe diem

In Learn Latin the children design and make a Carpe Diem banner using fabric and coloured inks during an art enrichment day.


In this art enrichment day the children use a range of paints, pastels and inks to create both large and small hippo works of art when engaging with the Hippo Time is OK principle.


In this drama enrichment day on Remember the Beachball the children create a story, learn about the importance of having a clear beginning, middle and end and explore various methods of telling the same narrative.

As part of our enrichment days for children and good practice lessons we can deliver assemblies in any of the chosen principles.

To explore which SUMO solution is best for you and your school, please contact us.

SUMO4Schools Products

  • Victim T-shirts - £10.00
  • SUMO Squishy toys - £2.99
  • SUMO Pin Badges - £1.00
  • '7 Question' Small postcards - £14 per 100
  • '7 Question' Large Cartoon postcards - £23.50 per 100
  • Boxing gloves - £6.99 per glove
  • SUMO book - £7.99
  • Posters - £14.99

Pack Items

  • Beachballs - £2.50
  • Additional copy of pack DVD - £14.99
  • Additional copy of pack CD-Rom - £19.99

All prices are inclusive of VAT but not delivery, which is charged in addition.
Discount available for bulk purchases.

NEW SUMO4Primary Schools Assembly Pack | 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school

SUMO success! What people say…

Whole School Inset Training
Many of our pupils  face daily challenges at home and need every strategy and support mechanism at school to enable them to succeed to their full potential academically and socially. SUMO has given the staff and children a common language and structure approach to talk through areas of concern and possible conflicts in a constructive way. SUMO training has also freed up the staff to engage with each other in a totally honest and thus more professional way about the hurdles and issues they face from outside and within, enabling us to move forward as a school in a quicker and more effective way.

Alan Parkhurst,
Headteacher, Crowmoor Primary School

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