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SUMO Success

Think about your own school for a moment - how much of a positive difference do you believe an increase in the engagement and empowerment of your children would make?

The evidence is clear and unequivocal that SUMO4Schools can and does work. The overwhelming majority of teachers who have joined a SUMO4Schools programme or used the SUMO4Schools resources say that SUMO delivers a transformative difference to the engagement and reaction of their children. And this in turn leads to a powerful and positive difference in the outcome of their education.

George Osborne sat with pupils learning about SUMO4SchoolsChancellor George Osborne visited SUMO4Schools Primary programme in one of its pilot schools. He spoke with the children about their sumo lessons and how the programme was helping them. He was impressed with the impact the programme was having in raising aspirations in children and staff and particularly enjoyed being shown how each principle had been represented visually through art.

Some of the feedback we have received from teachers and education professionals:

I've absolutely no doubt that your approach can help build resilience and enhance the quality of people's lives, in both medical and educational settings. The clarity and simplicity of your explanations are accessible to everyone and I know many patients who would benefit from adopting this approach.
You use SUMO as a way of having a legitimate and life enhancing conversation with ourselves, forcing us to reflect and aim for what really matters.

Dr Phil Hammond,
GP, Journalist and Broadcaster

Richard GerverOur children face a challenging and uncertain future. What we know is, that whatever we do, our children's personal and emotional development is more vital than ever, if they are to not just survive but to thrive as they move through and beyond education; crucial 'soft skills' have become the hard currency of the 21st century and SUMO4Schools Primary is one of the most practical, thought provoking and powerful resources I have seen to help teachers help their children to meet that challenge.
Richard Gerver,
Former Primary Headteacher and Director of ic-ed Education Consultancy

Healthy Schools
Without a doubt, the “i” generation is growing up in a very different world. The challenges of a fast changing and uncertain future create unique pressures for our children and young people. Their need to be equipped to cope with all that life may bring is crucial. SUMO4Schools is an interactive resource that teaches children the coping strategies they need, in a fun and practical way. If Emotional Health and Well Being is a priority you have chosen to develop further on your Healthy Schools Enhancement Journey, then this resource will stimulate reflection and creativity. Above all, children enjoy SUMO and learn to put the principles into action.
Ruth Boulton,
Healthy Schools Development Consultant for Cheshire West and Chester

I am delighted to have seen SUMO4Schools Primary in action in school. The opportunity for children and young people to develop their emotional intelligence in this way is a life enriching skill which is well taught through the SUMO4Schools Primary programme. Children are able to become reflective individuals, able to evaluate what happens to their lives and identify and develop meaningful relationships. The principles within SUMO are readily understandable even by young children and easily adopted; encouraging open and genuinely assertive behaviour traits based on honesty and empathy.
Chair of Governors and parent

SUMO4Schools Primary is a simple and effective way to develop children’s emotional resilience. It promotes personal responsibility and empathy for others. It is an excellent resource which can be used as part of the PSHCE curriculum and supports other initiatives such as SEAL. It is a very practical way to help schools fulfil their statutory responsibility to promote children’s wellbeing.
Janet Smith
Senior Advisor for PSHCE for Cheshire

At a play area a boy came and sat with me and my daughter whilst eating lunch . I didn't know the boy but he began to chat to me and when he found out I was a teacher he told me the best thing he'd done at primary school and he'd been to two because of difficulties was SUMO. I just had to have a look.
Melanie Lawson
Headteacher Ladywood Primary, Kirk Hallam

Sir Clive WoodwardI can clearly see how the principles can have a positive and profound impact on the lives of young people.
Sir Clive Woodwood,
Elite Performance Director, British Olympic Association and coach of the 2003 England Rugby World Cup winning team

The feedback we receive really does speak for itself - SUMO4Schools works. We have had the privilege of being able to help and empower many, many pupils and teachers … get in touch to discuss how we can help you too!

Some of the many Primary Schools where SUMO has been successful:

  • Lower Peover CE Primary School - Cheshire
  • The Federation of Pott Shrigley and Bollington St John's Church Schools - Cheshire
  • Mobberley CE Primary School - Cheshire
  • Ash Grove Primary School - Cheshire
  • Dean Valley Community Primary School - Macclesfield
  • Lowton St. Mary's Primary School - Lowton, Nr Warrington
  • Parklee Community Primary School - Atherton
  • St. Goerge's Primary School - Stockport
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School - Peterborough
  • St. Philip's Church of England Primary School - Manchester
  • Straits Primary School - Dudley
  • Tattenhall Park Primary School - Cheshire
  • Vine Tree Primary School - Crewe
  • Yewtree Primary School - Hemel Hempstead
  • Roger Ascham Primary School - Walthamstow
  • Sundorne Infants School - Shropshire

Your Comments & Feedback

If you have benefitted from SUMO4Schools, let us know and we'll share your experiences with others interested in what SUMO4Schools could do for them.


Your comments/feedback  

NEW SUMO4Primary Schools Assembly Pack | 18 fun and engaging, ready-to-use assemblies to help promote resilience and wellbeing in your school

SUMO success! What people say…

Whole School Inset Training
Many of our pupils  face daily challenges at home and need every strategy and support mechanism at school to enable them to succeed to their full potential academically and socially. SUMO has given the staff and children a common language and structure approach to talk through areas of concern and possible conflicts in a constructive way. SUMO training has also freed up the staff to engage with each other in a totally honest and thus more professional way about the hurdles and issues they face from outside and within, enabling us to move forward as a school in a quicker and more effective way.

Alan Parkhurst,
Headteacher, Crowmoor Primary School

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